10 Ways with Rice – The Best Rice Dishes from Around the World

Rice – a humble grain, yet an international superstar in the culinary world. It’s a pantry staple for billions, celebrated for its adaptability and versatility. From the saffron-infused grandeur of Spanish Paella to the comforting allure of Chinese fried rice, rice dishes have earned their place on global dinner tables. This gastronomic voyage introduces you..

Melbourne’s Top Catering Trends from 2023

Melbourne is a metropolis that loves its food, and the catering scene is no exception. Each year, new trends emerge as chefs and caterers push the boundaries of what’s possible with food. In 2023, here are some of the top catering trends that we’re seeing in Melbourne: 1. Fusion cuisine Fusion cuisine is a blend..

The Secret of a Seamless Event – 7 Key Topics to Discuss with Your Caterer Before Your Event

If you’re planning your next big event and have decided to book a caterer, you should know that good communication is the key to a seamless event. Seven crucial conversations must be had with your caterer from the get-go to ensure your function or party goes off without a hitch. 1. What Type and Style..

Staffing Your Next Event – How Catering Staff Can Help

Planning for an event like a wedding, corporate function, or large party takes a lot of work to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you don’t have a professional party planner running the event, one big decision is figuring out staffing needs – will you need help serving food and drinks? Clearing plates? Setting up and..

Planning a Funeral: How Arranging Catering Can Help Ease the Day

Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. In the midst of grief, there are many decisions and plans to be made, including planning a funeral or memorial service. During this difficult time, you might wonder how to make the day more manageable for yourself and your family. Outsourcing funeral catering is..

Estimating the Quantity of Finger Foods or Canapés per Person

No one wants their guests to go home hungry, so when planning a cocktail party or other event where you’ll be serving finger food or canapés, it’s crucial to estimate correctly the number of portions to serve per guest. Getting this right can enhance the overall experience of your event, whether it’s a casual gathering,..

Catering Your Event: Buffet VS Plated Meals

When planning an event, you’ll have many decisions to make, including what type of food to serve and how you want your guests to eat. Two popular food service options are buffet and plated meals, each with its own set of pros and cons. At Yum Catering, we understand that every event is unique, and..

The Power of Food: Catering for Corporate Events

In the fast-paced world of corporate life, there’s one universal truth: food has an incredible power to bring people together and enhance any event. Whether it’s a formal meeting, a team-building session, or an office celebration, the right food can transform the atmosphere and boost morale. At Yum Catering, we understand the vital role that..

How to Handle Vegetarian Catering Requirements

Planning a party, wedding, or other event can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be challenging when catering for all types of dietary requirements. You want all your guests to be happy, well fed and raving about the food rather than walking away hungry and feeling excluded. Ideally, all your guests, including vegetarians..

Your Dream Wedding: 10 Unforgettable Home Wedding Catering Ideas

Planning your ideal wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. You want to create a unique and memorable celebration that suits your and your fiancé’s tastes and stays within your budget. If the prospect of a grand wedding venue seems too impersonal, and the thought of an intimate, heartfelt celebration at home resonates with you,..

Michelle’s 50th Birthday Catering

Yum Catering had the honour of catering a party for one of our favourite clients, Michelle, on her 50th birthday last November 23, 2022. The party was held at Michelle’s home and welcomed over 100 of her closest friends and family.  Paul, the event planner, was very particular about how he wanted the catering service..

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