Mexican Catering Melbourne

Mexican Catering Melbourne


Yum Mexico – establishED IN 2016

I love to create food for events and parties. Yum Mexico is my newest menu, 2016, a wonderful addition to my existing Moroccan and Spanish menus. I have created a menu selection for those looking for a catering experience in your home or office with Mexican style. The menu listed is available in any variable, some nibbles to start or just the Chicken Fajitas or Beef Mole, its up to you and we can cater for 25 right up to 500 guests.

Jalapeños are a delicious warming way to begin a function followed by some crunchy mouth watering Tostados with your selection of topping.

Experience your private Chef cooking sizzling Chicken Fajitas in front you, you add your desired avocado, chilli, coriande, sour cream and fresh lime, we serve on lovely bamboo products.

Our Mexican Beef Mole is amazing, a new experience for the guests of today, however a taste of rich slow braised Beef and a bitter Mexican Chocolate served with rice, black beans, coriander and fresh lime! We cook this in large pans in front of your guests, the aroma is mouth watering!

At a recent event my competition was late (a taco caterer) and my Beef Mole was ready, guests a bit scared of something new to try, well they said it smells amazing and we started selling, SOLD OUT! 200 serves, and many compliments!



Ocean trout ceviche, nam chim, coconut yoghurt, blackened corn, coriander and apple. 5.50
Grilled baby corn spears, fresco cheese, chipotle and coriander. 5.50
Pork skewers with tamarind chipotle and peanut salsa. 6.00
Grilled spiced baby chicken taco, guacamole and coriander. 5.50
MFC – Mexican spiced fried chicken with spicy mayonnaise. 5.50
Polenta chips with chilli salt and spicy tomato salsa. 4.50
Tostadas of pea and goats cheese with chipotle mayonnaise. 4.50
Tostadas of pulled pork and salsa. 5.00


– served in a soft corn or wheat tortilla.

Beef brisket with adobo chilli.
Beer battered fish.
Panko crumbed chicken.
Eggplant marinated and fried.
Soft shell crab. and 2.50
Your condiments of slaw, lettuce, sour cream, jalapeños, coriander, guacamole and chipotle.


Chicken thigh sizzling with onions, capsicum and served with sour cream, jalapenos and fresh lime. 6.50


The meat lovers’ dream. Salami, prosciutto, ham off the bone, chorizo, terrines and pate. 11.60pp
Served with crusty baguette cornichons, olives and Dijon mustard.


Beef brisket slow cooked for 8 hours with a tomato chipotle sauce. 30.00 pp
Slow-cooked beef mole – with adobo chillies, bacon and chocolate. 25.00 pp
Braised bean stew – with black bean and vegetable. 21.00 pp
Served with rice, sour cream, orange, guacamole, coriander, jalapeño, cheese and crisptaco chips.


Mexican slaw of cabbage, carrot, jalapeños and aioli. 7.10pp
Crisp seasonal garden salad with a zesty lemon dressing 7.10pp
Barley, lentils, quinoa and freekeh mixed with feta, raisins and mint with a rich kasundi dressing. 7.10pp
Includes – Palm leaf bowls, napkins, wooden forks.
Chef 68.00 per hour, minimum three hours.
Waitstaff and barstaff 55.00 per hour, minimum three hours.
Delivery is charged depending on location in Victoria.


Chocolate tartlets – 1 Caramel and 1 cinnamon chocolate tartlet 5.50pp
Jamoncillo – Mexican fudge 4.50pp
Donuts – 1 Mini salted caramel and 1 jam filled donut 4.50pp
Cheese platter – 3 Cheeses with crackers and quince paste 12.90pp
Fresh fruit platter 6.90pp
Birthday cake – Custom made on enquiry, serves 16 62.00


Margaritas – Lemon or Lime, including glass and ice. 14.00
Mojito – Gin or vodka with sugar, mint, soda, including glass and ice. 14.00
Wine list – Please see our complete beverage list on our website
Capi mineral water, assorted flavours. 4.00

Chef 65.00 per hour minimum three hours.

Waiter or bar staff $55.00 per hour minimum three hours.

Delivery is charged depending on location in Victoria.

Mexican Catering Melbourne

Yum Catering offer the best experience in mexican catering in Melbourne. Watch the amazing art of our mexican being cooked in front of your eyes. Our mexican catering is not just a meal but an experience that your guest will never forget!

Give us a call today on 03 8814 4151 to find out more how we can create a truly special taste
experience for you and your guests.

Mexican Catering Melbourne by Yum Catering – The art and science of delicious!

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