Grazing Tables Melbourne

Grazing Tables Melbourne

Grazing Tables

If you’re after an effortless and stunning catering option for your next function or event, you can’t go past a gorgeous grazing table, artistically stacked with lashings of savoury, sweet, healthy and decadent finger foods.

The visual appeal of a grazing table or large grazing platters has caught on in years of late with these looks being splashed across social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and impressing the socks off of the guests as they feast first with their eyes.

Whether you have favourite items or a themed menu in mind for you grazing table or grazing platters, we can put together a feast that has plenty of something for everyone.

Grazing tables in Melbourne have been quite popular for several years as a way of impressing guests and offering lots of types of food as the focus of the space for food.

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What Do I Get on a Grazing Table?

Just have a chat with the experienced and professional team at Yum Catering and let us know what you want added to your grazing table or if your guests have any special dietary requirements and we’ll create a delicious feast of a menu for you.

Choose what you want added to your grazing table or grazing platter.

We offer many varieties of food including:

• Cheeses
• Breads
• Crackers
• Dips
• Fruit and vegetables
• Pastries
• Meat and cold cuts
• Olives and pickles
• Cakes and cookies
• And much more!

Grazing tables can be as large as you want them to be or as large as your space is, serving up to 200 or more people.

Grazing Platters for Smaller Events in Melbourne

We also offer grazing platters for smaller special events or parties including:

• Mixed grazing platters or boxes
• Savoury deli platters
• Dessert platters
• Date night platters
• Picnic platters
• Breakfast platters
• Platters or boxes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day
• Special occasion grazing platters
• Birthday grazing platters

Just contact us at Yum and have a chat about what type of event you’re planning the catering for and we’ll talk you through your grazing platter Melbourne options.

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