Moroccan Catering Melbourne

Moroccan Catering Melbourne

Yum Tagine

Moroccan food is my passion, I make my own spice mix, a wonderful fragrant blend and is available in 60g jars for 7.95! I combine a roasted miix of 16 spices in my mix and my guests have raved about it!

My menu offers a full range of desired meats and vegetables, I often cater for events around Melbourne and regional Victoria, my Lamb, date and honey tagine is my signature and I am summoned each year at food festivals, my record is 1300 serves at Grampians grape escape at Halls Gap, Victoria.

My tagines are cooked in front of your guests, served with Pearl cous cous, a cous cous that my guests cant believe how good it is, a truly wonderful grain.

My salad is a fresh example of crisp lettuce, vegetables and a secret dressing using sumac, garlic and white vinegar.

And yes, my guests say YUM!

yum moroccan spices





Dukkah spiced chicken and marinated calamari and a variety of continental meats, chargrilled eggplant and zucchini, balsamic marinated mushrooms, Kalamata olives, rosemary marinated feta, dolmades, stuffed baby bell peppers, with hummus and crisp bread 11.60


Easy to share either standing up or sitting down.
Extended canape range is also available.


Harissa marinated jumbo green olives with lemon 4.00
Labne balls rolled in Aleppo pepper, sweet paprika and almonds 4.95
Confit tomato, sumac and saffron tart with goats cheese 4.95
Chemen cured kingfish with smoked eggplant and fennel 6.60


Chicken skewers with toum (garlic sauce) and chermoula 4.95
Grilled Haloumi, mint, dill and yoghurt 4.95
King Prawn or three cheese Kataifi pastry and pine nut 6.60


Fresh vegetable crudites, cherry tomatoes, water crackers and grissini sticks with a trio of dips 7.40 pp



Made with our own secret Moroccan 16 spice mix
Lamb date and honey, chickpeas, eggplant, zucchini and herbs 27.50 pp
Chicken, preserved lemon, apricot, capsicum, carrots and sweet potato 26.50 pp
Seafood Chicken & ChorizoSweet potato, cauliflower, capsicum, carrot, apricots and chickpea 23.50 pp
All tagine served with Israeli cous cous, harissa, sumac yoghurt, pomegranate, fresh mint and toasted almonds


Fattoush – Bread, tomato, fennel, cucumber, radish, beans, dill, parsley and mint 7.10pp
Pumpkin – Roasted pumpkin, kalamata olives, semi dried tomato, red onion, on a bed of fresh baby spinach with maple vinaigrette 7.10pp
Roast cauliflower – Quinoa and freekeh tossed with roasted cauliflower, fresh herbs, walnuts, flaked almonds and crumbed feta 7.10pp
Ras el hanout spiced chickpeas and eggplant tossed with tomato, brown rice, Spanish onion, coriander, mint, fresh pomegranate and served with mint yoghurt. 7.10pp


Fairy floss and orange blossom tarts 4.90
Moroccan flourless orange friand, with crushed pistachio 4.90
Date and ricotta filo rolls with orange cardamon dipping sauce 4.90
Cheese platter – 3 cheeses with crackers and quince paste 12.90pp
Fresh fruit platter 6.90pp
Birthday cake – custom made on enquiry, serves 16 62.00


Moroccan mint tea 40.00pp
Pomegranate martini, including glass and ice 18.00 each
Mojito – Gin or Vodka with sugar, mint, soda & candy green straw 15.00 each
Wine list – Please see our complete beverage list on our website 15.00 each
Capi soft drinks assorted flavours 4.00 each

Includes – palm leaf bowls, napkins, wooden forks

Chef $68.00 per hour minimum three hours

Waiter or bar staff $55.00 per hour minimum three hours

Barman $51.00 per hour. Minimum three hours

Delivery is charged depending on location in Victoria

Moroccan Catering Melbourne

Yum Catering offer the best experience in moroccan catering in Melbourne. Watch the amazing art of our moroccan being cooked in front of your eyes. Our moroccan catering is not just a meal but an experience that your guest will never forget!

Give us a call today on 03 8814 4151 to find out more how we can create a truly special taste
experience for you and your guests.

Moroccan Catering Melbourne by Yum Catering – The art and science of delicious!

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